Pete Martinez Jr.
Logo & Graphic Designer, Game Art Artist


Logo & Graphic Designer, Game Art Artist

520 233 3050

About Me

I graduated in 2009 and received my bachelor's degree in game art. During my school time, I was hired by art instructor's in personal project's to draw out character's and mechanical prop's.

After graduation, I was hired by Steve Cortez for graphic and logo design's for high profile client's and local business's.

I love doing cartoon style characters and realistic art subject's when I feel it's practical for useful future needs. I love to paint when I have the time and make useful sculpturing subjects.

Feel free to ask me what I can do for you if you want your vision to come true for your business.

Thank you!

My Tee Shop

I have some Tee shirt designs on a personal business in buying my wearable art. Here's were you can purchase those wonderful items!
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